Mission Critical Planner
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Template.
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Mission Critical Planner: A Business Continuity Plan Template

Behind every success is a moment of sheer clarity, followed by a campaign of pure, unbridled, and unstoppable action. In times of trouble, your continuity and recovery plan is there to provide you with that clarity and a solid course of action.

The Mission Critical Planner

The Mission Critical Planner is a template based system for building a complete continuity and recovery program, tailored to the specific needs of your company. Keep it simple or make it detailed and expansive, depending on your needs. Sample procedures, policies and forms – all in Microsoft Word, make it easy for you to use and modify when constructing your plan.


Easy, ready-to-use Microsoft Word documents

Customized by you, for you, to fit your company’s unique needs

Flexible for companies and organizations both large and small

Complete outline follows NFPA 1600 standards


Build a preventive plan before disaster strikes

Earn new contracts being the company that others know they can depend on

Save on insurance costs by having a preparedness plan in place

Sample Mission Critical Planning Documents

A good business continuity plan template is put together with many individual forms and documents. This makes customizing and managing your plan easier, and Mission Critical has over 60 documents that form a complete template-based plan.

Sample Form #1
CR-4.01 Action Briefing
Sample Form #2
CR-2.13 Succession of Management

Is MCP a Good Fit for Companies of All Sizes?

Small companies will rarely build and administer a full continuity & recovery plan. But spending some time to understand the “what ifs” and how you can guard against them is half the battle. A little strategic thinking goes a long way.

Medium companies will find the Mission Critical Planner a nice fit for developing an in-house program that secures your business, and helps you take it to the next level.

Large companies who are looking to bring in a professional team of C&R specialists to create a comprehensive program need to know the terminology and what to ask for before negotiating. The Mission Critical Planner is perfect for giving you that foundation and getting you up to speed.

Contents of the Mission Critical Planner …

The Mission Critical Planner is organized into 5 Sections and over 60 step-by-step MS Word documents:

1. Instructions

Simple instructions for each document in the program, a blank template page for creating your own documents and forms, and a handy reference guide on hazards and disasters with information about the hazards, and things you can do to mitigate the impact of each hazard.

2. Program Management

  • Executive Policy
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Plans and Documents
  • Regulatory Environment
  • Program Finance
  • Program Coordinator
  • Program Advisory Committee
  • Performance Objectives and Evaluation

3. Program Elements

  • Scope and Application
  • Hazards – Risk and Impact
  • Resource Management
  • Mutual Aid Determinations and Agreements
  • Incident Management System
  • Incident Management Team
  • Communications
  • Life Safety
  • Incident Stabilization
  • Property Conservation
  • Situation Analysis
  • Recovery and Mitigation during Emergency Response
  • Succession of Management
  • Logistics and Facilities
  • Training Curriculum
  • Exercises, Evaluations, and Corrective Actions

4. Plans

  • Strategic Plan
  • Emergency Response Plan
  • Mitigation Plan
  • Recovery Plan
  • Continuity Plan

5. Forms

  • Action Briefing
  • Check in and out Log
  • Contact Directory
  • Corrective Action Report
  • Damage Assessment Report
  • Emergency Responders Notice
  • Evacuation Map
  • Evaluation Report
  • Exercise Plan Worksheet
  • Expenditure Authorization
  • Expense Report
  • Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment
  • Impact Analysis Worksheet
  • Media Contact Log
  • Media Statement
  • Message Form
  • Mitigation Strategy and Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Pre-approved Budget and Expenditure Authority
  • Program Budget Detail
  • Project Schedule
  • Public Awareness Program Worksheet
  • Public Evacuation Message
  • Resource Deployment Log
  • Resource Inventory
  • Situation Report
  • Training Record
  • Transportation Dispatch Log
  • Mutual Aid Worksheet

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