About Steamwire


Steamwire is home to the Mission Critical Planner; a template package for creating your own business continuity & disaster recovery plan.

The greatest challenge to continuity and recovery planning is developing the tested and true framework for a worthwhile plan. Because of this, many businesses quickly become overwhelmed, or even worse, they put together a plan that is not actionable or practicle.

The main developing focus for The Mission Critical Planner is to bring you a world class framework based on the NFPA 1600 standard for continuity & recovery planning that has been encouraged by the 9/11 Commission and the US Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act.

The Mission Critical Planner gives you this industrial strength framework in an easy to use and understand set of templates. To be blunt, we did the hard work to make your job of implementing a plan easier.

Steamwire uses PayPal to securely process payments and e-Junkie to facilitate secure downloading. Steamwire is safe, secure, fast, easy – everything that digital media in a digital world should be.

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