Is Your Business Ready for the Next Wave or Next Pandemic?

The importance of business continuity planning has never been more evident than with the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic. The world can go from normal to “new normal”, literally within a couple months.

Businesses and organizations are quickly finding that everyday supplies and procedures are becoming untenable in the face of such a pandemic. And many companies will not survive the financial fallout.

The Next Big One

Whether another wave of coronavirus, or a completely new biological hazard becomes the next “big one”, the businesses and organizations that survive this wave, will need to prepare.

A business can only survive so many shutdowns before it runs out of resources.

And whether your business continuity planning requires a plan to “hunker down”, or adjust your operations and personnel to continue through it safely, planning ahead now is the best way to ensure success for the next pandemic.

Business Continuity Planning for a Pandemic

Your planning requires a structure such as the Mission Critical Planner. Step by step you can build your continuity plan to better understand your resources and how to utilize them. These include things such as …

  • Supplies and supplier durability
  • PPE procurement and distribution
  • How to continue business operations safely
  • Separation of business operations to minimize infection spread
  • Communications to employees and the public
  • How to securely suspend operations if needed

There are many lessons to learn form the Covid-19 pandemic. And all these lessons provide critical data for businesses to plan for the next wave or the next pandemic.